Is There a Written Record of Exactly How Many Trees Are on Campus? I Feel Like That’s Something That Should Exist.

By: George Lubitz

Trees—they’re everywhere you look on campus. North quad—trees. South quad—trees. Northwoods? You’re god damn right. There are literally more trees than one could count. Which begs the question—have we counted the exact amount of trees within our campus, and is there a file on record detailing each and every one of them?

Don’t misunderstand me—I personally don’t need to know how many trees there are, and where each one stands, but I really think that this kind of information should be written down somewhere for someone who would need it.

It doesn’t have to be anything major; a simple piece of paper tucked away in a filing cabinet within one of the Facilities offices would do the trick just fine. Or perhaps there’s a file folder on one of the ground crew’s desktops. Either way, I’m of the opinion that there should be some sheet of figures (digital, print, or otherwise) that explains—to whomever needs it—how many trees are planted on Skidmore’s grounds and where one could find any particular arbor of interest.

I mean, what if a tree starts to die, or has been defaced by some hooligan, and the school wishes to immediately replace the tree with a better, fresher one? How would that information be relayed? And how would the deed be done? Certainly a system that identifies every plot of land that contains a tree on campus would transform this matter from a near disaster to a piece of cake. All the Chief Tree Supervisor would need to do is look at the map (if that’s the kind of system that’s in place), identify the tree in question (it would be labeled based on coordinate planes of algebraic notation—like a chessboard or the times tables), and convey this information to one of the Tree Specialists who could refer to their own personal map and make quick work of the problem at hand.

I’m not exactly sure what the system in place is at the moment—or if there even is one—but it would be kind of odd if we didn’t have some sort of record—somewhere—telling us how many trees we have on campus and where we could find them. Just my two cents, though.

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