6 Cat Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than We’re Comfortable With.

Any cat owner knows that our furry friends are the most loveable creatures on earth. But any user of the internet knows that they are also the silliest! Take a scroll through this gallery of purrrrrfectly funny felines and just try not to laugh! But don’t overdo it, because a hearty chuckle will suffice.

  1. Look at this fluffy guy! You can’t help but belt out a laugh! But cool it a little, will ya? It’s not that funny.hqdefault
  2.  If you chuckle at this one, we don’t blame you! But you sound like a dying seal, and it’s kinda sucking the fun out of the room.maxresdefault3. Now this one is just hilarious! He looks like a pirate! We’re a little freaked out with how amusing you find it, though. Just let out a dry guffaw and move on. Really not worth that much energy.


    4. We have a double header over here! Twice the cats, twice the laughs! But even so, the way you’re reacting to it is overkill. It’s making us really anxious.


    5. That cat thinks it’s bread! Ha ha. Alright…calm down. Can we move on, please? We’d like to get to the next picture but your laugh too loud to even think.


    6. This kitty cat is angry at someone! Probably you with your overblown reaction to something so banal and trite. Tone it the fuck down!


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