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Step Aside Health Nuts: This Freshman Says He Hasn’t Been to a McDonald’s in, Like, 6 Years. 

It seems like everybody is trying to be healthier these days. With lifestyles that include juicing, paleo-diets, and low carb intake, today’s modern world of healthy living is jam-packed with trends and workouts that aim to get you as fit as can be. But with all these new fads, you’d think that getting healthy is an activity reserved for the rich and those with plenty of free time. Think again, because Freshman Skidmore student and shining example of perfect health Damon Langholz says his secret is that he hasn’t been to a McDonalds restaurant in, like, 6 years. 

Anyone who looks at Damon can instantly tell something special about him—he’s grade A fit. But you might also expect that he spends hours and hours daily at the gym. You’d be dead wrong, because during a recent conversation about where we should grab lunch from, Damon comtributed a sneer and a bombshell revelation: he hasn’t stepped foot in a McDonald’s (or comparable fast food joint, for that matter) in probably 5 or 6, maybe 7 years. 

I would’ve never thought it could be that simple. I always believed that it took careful consideration of food choices and a generous amount of physcical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle, but Damon dashed those assumptions immediately. 

On that illuminating Saturday after a busy day of errands, we just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat so that we could get home without a major production. But what we needed was a lesson from Damon about what kind of damage a once-in-a-while burger and fries does to the human body. It was then, during that hot car ride, that my opinion on wellness and Damon trully changed. Who knew that all it took to stay in peak physical condition was to just not go to McDonald’s anymore? Damon did, and his perfectly built figure is the proof in the pudding. 

Way to go, Damon! We should all strive to be more like you! 

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