REVIEW: This Week on Soundcloud

By Lizette Roman-Johnston

By now, we all know that Skidmore is home to creative artists of all mediums, from slam poetry to public tree-fighting. But they’re also pretty keen on making some experimental new sounds. We’ve selected a few for review. 

Social media has been a critical platform for the truly talented youth. For example, Instagram and Tumblr have bred hundreds of professional photographers, lengthy Facebook statuses have been published in the New York Times, and a young girl’s snap-story has recently been featured as a short before Finding Dory. But what about the art that tickles the ear and touches the soul?

While Spotify and iTunes have paved the way in terms of streaming popular music, Soundcloud has given a voice to the average college student, who spends hours in a cramped dorm room annoying roommates and neighbors for the art of sound.

After sending out scouts to hunt down the most innovative sounds on campus, we discovered Soundcloud user “new_soundz.” While the profile gives little information regarding the identity of the artist, the location reads “Saratoga Springs,” and the bio says “Skidmore College.” So far, the user has uploaded three tracks – an EP, most likely.

Track 1: Blending Ice From A Medium Sized Ice Tray Using A Nutribullet

Unlike your typical 90’s blend, this track utilizes modern technology otherwise known as the Nutribullet. While the substance is simple (just ice), it manages to carry a funky rhythm that, if you listen closely, subtly pays homage to the Vanilla Ice anthem itself. The track takes us on a journey, one that isn’t so smooth, which is made apparent by the abrupt pause in the beginning. Perhaps the steel blades had to adjust to the dense cubes of solid water, or maybe the blender was on the wrong setting. Regardless, the juxtaposition of the tense silence and the throaty yell of the almighty Nutribullet leaves us breathing heavily and wanting more.

Track 2: Making A Paper Snowflake

The deliberate movements of the scissors yield a vivid image of what this snowflake might look like. Every snowflake is different, they say, and I want to know what makes this one unique. Even when the snowflake artist swears in frustration, I am left in awe. What is the matter? Is the artist okay? Undoubtedly, the elicitation of worry is deliberate, but, snowflake-maker, if you are genuinely hurt, the writers here at The Skidmo Daily are thinking of you.

Track 3: Reading The Bible To Myself

The artist clearly intends to convey that God is not real. Each page turn is more violent than the next, implying an unbearable impatience regarding the Lord’s treatment of his children. No real god would watch mankind suffer the way The Holy Bible illustrates. We refrain from religious commentary here at The Skidmo’, but I am simply analyzing student art when I say that no higher power is guiding you along a righteous path; you are alone forever.

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