The 5 Common Emails You Get From a Skidmore Professor.

By Tim Atkinson 

Skidmore professors are completely different people in person compared to online. They have a different persona via email than we’re used to in the classroom. At a certain point you get so many emails from your professor that you can pretty much tell what they’re going to say before you get to the bottom of the screen. Here’s a list of the 5 most common emails you’re bound to get from one of your professors.

  1. We’ve all been here!
  2. Classic! 
  3. Who hasn’t gotten this one?
    Email 3.PNG
  4. We’ve seen this in our inbox at least ten times.
    Email 4.PNG
    5. The cream of the crop. Any Skidmore student you ask has gotten this boy.
    Email 5.PNG

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