Five Presidents Who Were More Orange Than Donald Trump.



Donald Trump is just hours away from finding out if he will become the next President of the United States. One of the most distinctive things about Trump is his orange skin tone which has been brought on by years and years of excessive spray tanning to hide his actual pale and pasty skin. To celebrate Election Day and the marvel of the Trump campaign, we’ve compiled a list of five Presidents who were actually more orange than Donald Trump.  Enjoy! 

1. James Buchanan
James Buchanan was actually a deeper shade of orange than Donald Trump. Records show that this was probably the result of Buchanan’s obsession with sweet potatoes. He would eat sweet potatoes for breakfast and dinner. Not lunch, though. He loved sweet potatoes so much, in fact, that in 1857 he attempted to push legislation through the house that would effectively make the United States’ official root vegetable the sweet potato. Unfortunately, he lost his second bid for president in 1861 to Abraham Lincoln and his infamous bill died in the senate soon thereafter.

. William Henry Harrison

Another candidate on this list to actually become President, William Henry Harrison, is reported to have been a “bright red-yellow color, somewhere between a mix of a tangerine and an apricot” by the New York Post during his campaign in 1840. Rumors swirled around America that this distinct coloration was a result of generations of inbreeding but after his quick death once he took office, he died about a month after taking the oath, it became public knowledge that his orange-ness was simply a result of his fatal case of dysentery.

3.  Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is often remembered today for his smooth saxophone playing and even smoother pick up lines but what is often not remembered was his orange hue during his 1996 re-election campaign. At one particular campaign rally, when it started to rain, witnesses reported having seen the orange wash off of his face, almost as if it were face paint. The media erupted but this controversy was almost immediately forgotten with the explosion of the Lewinsky scandal a short time later. Clinton later addressed the issue in his 2004 autobiography My Life with “I painted my face orange for the last bit of the ’96 campaign, so what? It was a stressful time and I needed some sort of coping mechanism. Al [Gore] had his painted green, nobody gave him a hard time.”

4. Harry Truman

 Let’s be fair—Harry Truman was our best looking President. This was not easy to achieve, however. The man was a health nut. His secret, as he later recalled in an interview towards the end of his life, was carrots. Carrots this and carrots that. Carrots were everywhere. If you look at famous photos of Truman, you can often see a carrot sticking out of his suit pocket next to his handkerchief. During three of his four state dinners, steamed carrots were served as the main entree. This is the sole purpose for Truman’s orange skin-tone.

5.  John Quincy Adams

John Quincy and his wife Louisa had a tumultuous marriage filled with bickering, sabotage, and…murder plots? Apparently during Adam’s presidency be became very demanding of his wife and would often hurl insults her way if another politician hurt his feelings. One day she had enough of it all and started to slip trace amounts of arsenic into his scrambled eggs every morning with the end goal of killing him. The result overtime was a deep orange color that appeared only on his forehead for the rest of presidency. Eventually, Louisa lost her nerve, abandoned the plot, and confessed the whole affair to her husband. He initially forgave her but after he lost his re-election bid, he could only blame his orange forehead.

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