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Where Were You When The Election Was Called? I Was Wrestling A Raccoon For My Car Keys.

By Keith Walton, Blogger. 

Even as the days pass and the wounds may perhaps begin to heal, this derisive and upsetting election has been a shock to the system for all of us. Regardless of how you voted, it is no secret that the moment in which the election was finally called is something none of us will soon forget. When the major news networks ultimately declared the victor, friends and families huddled together around couches, stared blankly at TV screens at the local bar, or livestreamed the results through tears alone in the safety of their beds. Not me, though, because I was busy fighting a vicious raccoon who had sneakily swiped my car keys while I wasn’t looking.

This moment will forever live in infamy. Anyone you ask will tell you that they will forever remember the gravity of the moment, the pure emotion that cathartically erupted after hours, weeks, and months of unrelenting tension. If you ask me what I remember, though, I will tell you the tale of how a rather large raccoon scratched my face to pieces as I tried to pry my car keys from his unbelievably-strong paws.

I could hear the gasps through either one of my walls—students living in the next apartments over could not contain their sheer disbelief or anger. The moment where Trump was projected to become the next president of the United States will sit firmly in all of our minds for years to come. I will remember especially well because that was the time at which the raccoon took to slapping me with his tail when I attempted to wrestle my keys from him.

It is fair to say that everyone was in shock. The numb feeling washed over us all as the newscaster’s voices turned to muffled ramblings and our hearts began to pump erratically. We simply could not believe it, and many of us still might not. It all felt like a dream. Although my experience was more like a nightmare, and I will never forget the pain I felt trying to pull my keys from the right paw of the raccoon and my eyeball from the grip of his left.

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