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“These BlackLivesMatter People Are Just Preaching To The Choir,” Says Student Who Is Certainly Not Part Of Choir.

 by George Lubitz, Editor-in-Chief 

In a tumultuous era of social unrest and disenfranchised Americans calling for racial justice, Skidmore College seems to be an anomalous case of free thinking and progressive belief. This is so much the case, according to many students, that they believe movements like BlackLivesMatter is “preaching to the choir,” notwithstanding that many members of the student body do not belong to said “choir,” nor have they ever sung the praises of similar modes of thinking.

Student Marcus Smith, who has never demonstrated any laurel that even remotely aligns with the messages of the BlackLivesMatter movement, maintained that the protests and signage on campus are all for naught, considering how everyone already agrees with them.

Citing the fact that most—if not all—of Skidmore holds a consensus when it comes to racial politics and the injustice the people of color face on a day to day basis, likeminded peers of Marcus feel that arbiters of social change are simply speaking to the already converted, absent of the reality that Marcus and his unconverted friends don’t have a forward –thinking bone in their body.

When passing by one of the abundant #BlackLivesMatter signs among campus, Marcus could be seen gesturing to a friend and scoffing, “We get it already!,” despite the fact that Marcus is still woefully unaware of the oppression of black bodies by law enforcement in the United States. On another occasion, one of Marcus’ compatriots was seen standing idly and shaking his head at demonstrators disparagingly, with little to say in the way of support or agreement. He did manage to say the following: “Ugh…enough already. We’re already on board,” never mind the simple fact that he was not participating in the demonstration and had only words of discouragement to offer.

Though Marcus has never once had anything supportive or constructive to say about BLM or its goals, Marcus still maintains that the local representation of the movement can pack up already, since everyone at Skidmore is already on board.

When pressed for comment about counter-movements like BlueLivesMatter or AllLivesMatter, Marcus had this to say: “Well, I’m not saying I support any of that, but I think it’s only fair they get their voices heard.”

(Originally published in Nov 14, 2016 edition).

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