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Student’s Economics Class Notebook Doodle Best Work Yet.

By George Lubitz


HARDER HALL—Putting the final touches on his most recent doodle and checking the clock during his Wednesday Macroeconomics class, Senior Jeffery Delasala sat back in his chair to reflect on his latest work, which many are calling his best work yet.

Mr. Delasala’s “masterpiece,” as many are referring to it, is set against a white and blue backdrop of college-ruled paper, with broad strokes of frenetic black ink to bring his work to life.

Close collaborator and pen tattoo artist in-residence Hannah Kirchbaum had the privilege of witnessing Jeffery’s genius flow on to the page, since she usually sits next to Jeffery near the door. She says, “It’s a pretty good drawing. It’s like a sailboat on the ocean with the sun setting on the horizon.” Ms. Kirchbaum, who is famous for her in-class artwork of hearts on friends’ hands or smiley faces inked onto arms, remarked that she was especially impressed with how the ripples on the water (caused by the boat’s wake) looked particularly realistic.

Asked about what other projects he’s working on, Mr. Delesala recalled that he has a very boring English class later this week, wherein he’s thinking about drawing a tree, or a few cubes floating in space. “I’m not sure yet, though. I’m not sure I can really top this one. But whenever I’m having drawing-block, I sketch out a few of those diamond ‘S’ things before I come up with something.”

Many are calling for Mr. Delesala to have an exhibition in the Case Gallery, where he might show off some of his other mid-class musings. The artist has shown enthusiasm for the idea, noting that it might be fun to include all members from his art collective, appropriately titled EC 101.

In the meantime, while Mr. Delesala is still riding the waves of his over-night fame; he’s staying humble and sticking to the work at hand. “I haven’t come up with a title for it yet,” said the artist after class, but is thinking about leaving it untitled for the sake of aesthetics.

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