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Top 5 Things To Do Over Winter Break.

By Max Losardo

As Skidmore students wrap up the semester, they prepare to return home to their own respective dry, boring, and purposeless lives as they wait to return to Saratoga Springs in late January.  Luckily enough, Skidmo’ Daily has compiled a list of the top 5 things to do during winter break.

1.Shave Your Dad

Winter break is a perfect time for catching up on some family bonding, and what other way to do that than shaving your own father?  Dad will love the effort you’re putting in, and will certainly appreciate the new style!  If your dad is already bald, not to worry:  you can shave that little patch of hair that comes out of the neck of his t-shirts or any other region of his body.

2. Listen To Some Music, But With Earplugs In

Who doesn’t love sitting back, putting on the headphones, and jamming out to a hit song?  I know I sure do, but this winter break, putting your favorite song on your speakers and putting in high quality earplugs provides an entirely new perspective on the music you already love.  See if you can guess at what point the song actually is!  Or, you can listen to some music that you hate, but you won’t actually hear it!  So if someone asks you if you’ve listened to that new Chainsmokers song, you can say yes with confidence.
3. Catch Up With Your Kindergarten Teacher’s Assistant

We all have a ‘Ms. Ellias’ in our lives!  Even though you may only vaguely remember who the person helping your kindergarten teacher get out the crafts while also cleaning up Jeremy’s vomit, she is probably a blast!  Despite the fact that you aren’t 100% sure about her name and what she looks like, just mosey on down to your elementary school and ask around until you think you found her. Upon reuniting with her, take her out to your local coffee shop, but DO NOT get coffee.  That will ruin everything.  In her eyes, you are still the 5-year-old who cries when you don’t get the purple crayon.

4. Only Use Bitcoin To Buy Things

We all know what can get boring: cash.  We all know what can get even more boring:  Credit cards.  Spice things up this weekend by exclusively using Bitcoin to buy things such as groceries and toiletries.  Now it may be hard to find stores that use bitcoin, but that’s part of the fun!  Worst case scenario, you’ll have to scour the dark internet Tor for other fun items to purchase!  If you’re really up for a challenge, purchase a supercomputer so you can save money by mining your own bitcoin.

5. Freeze, Melt, And Refreeze Water

If you’ve exhausted all other options, there’s nothing to pass the time quite like freezing water, letting it melt, and sticking it back in the freezer! There are so many variations to this nifty trick, too. Plus it’s the perfect activity to do with friends!

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