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Student On Lunch Date With Two Remaining High School Friends Unsure How To Spend Rest Of Break.

CAMDEN, ME—Finishing up her cup of tea and making what residual small talk she could, junior Tara Wu thought about how—considering the two people sitting opposite her were all she had left in the way of local acquaintances—she might spend the next month of break before she returned to Skidmore.

By this time last year, Tara had around four remaining friends from her Camden High School graduating class, and over the next two semesters at Skidmore their communication over social media had withered. Once Thanksgiving break came along and neither party had reached out to arrange meeting up, Tara was left with only two area friends, who now sat across from her at Melissa’s Diner—a once-celebrated favorite for Tara and other young Camden residents.

These two friends—who at this point were hanging on by a thread—had cycled through as much gossip and rehashing about old classmates at least three times over, and had been out of conversation topics for ten minutes. Everyone’s tea was reported to have gotten cold. When a server passed by and asked the girls if they’d like a refill on hot water, they each looked at each other and visually agreed it was time to go; no amount of peach rooibos tea could resuscitate the girls’ well-deceased friendship.

After half-assed goodbyes and awkward hugs, the three girls were reported to have walked to their respective vehicles and promised each other that they should hang out again before the end of break. Tara drove off toward home, thinking about which TV shows in her Netflix queue were worth giving a shot.

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