Bombshell Revelation: Chris Actually Can Drive David Back To Skidmore, But Told David He Didn’t Have Room In His Car. The Reason Will SHOCK You.

If you know anything about the end of Winter break, it’s that getting back to school causes major headaches. Some people don’t have a car, some people book a train or plane ticket too late, and some people have another mess of stresses entirely. So when your one friend—who has a car and lives really close to you—tells you he can’t drive you back to Skidmore, you’re probably left with nowhere to turn.

This is what happened when Chris told David he didn’t have enough room in his Subaru Crosstrek (which has plenty of space) because he had to “drive his girlfriend” and “all her stuff”. Um, isn’t that what the trunk is for???

Turns out, Chris has plenty of space in his car. Yeah—no surprise there. So how did David find out that Chris made the whole thing up? A mutual friend, Christine.

Christine doesn’t have a car, but David knew she must’ve gotten a ride because she didn’t post on the ride board like she usually does. So, he sent her a text, asking who she scored a ride from.


The moment where everything changed



How did David respond? He called up Chris, of course, and demanded an explanation. After an exchange of some not-so-pleasant words, the truth finally came out.

According to Chris, “David is a nice kid. I love him to death. But honestly, he’s not a great passenger. Borderline awful, really. First of all, he backseat drives like nobody’s business, and he always demands the aux cord and plays drop-dead terrible music. He doesn’t chip in for gas, either”

But when Chris heard David say all this, his response was perfect…

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