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Super Brave Student Protests Inauguration

By: Graham Cook

The tone was set in the Newman household last week when Skidmore student, Craig Newman, made it clear to his parents that he would be protesting the inauguration. Rather than taking to the streets and marching or sitting in protest, Newman concocted a brave new way to make his voice heard: by not watching the inauguration on television or doing anything of substance whatsoever.


“It was the least I could do,” Newman shared.  Newman has been an outspoken social-democrat ever since he heard of Bernie Sanders and has called the results of the election, quote: “a total load” and “a real bummer.” When the opportunity presented itself for him to stand up for what he believed in, and to show his solidarity with groups facing oppression and marginalization, he found a way to fight for his beliefs from the comfort of his home.


Living several hours away from Washington D.C., and stating that the train into his local city is “stupid expensive,” this seemed to him to be the best course of action to voice his displeasure.  Rather than stage his own march, or a silent protest in his town, Newman took it upon himself to bear this burden.  When asked about his next guerilla tactic to fight oppressive government, Newman responded: “I may go to a march for Planned Parenthood.  There’s bound to be a ton of girls there.”

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