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Mom Who Bought Rosemary For Dinner Last Week Now Putting It In Everything.

MALTA, NY— Local mother of two Marge Goennel, usually not one to go too crazy with the seasonings and spices, decided to try out a new recipe with rosemary for her family’s dinner last week, and has reportedly been using the ingredient in all subsequent dishes.

According to reports, after husband John remarked that the chicken with garlic, lemon, and fresh rosemary Mrs. Goennel cooked was “delicious,” and a “welcome change,” Mrs. Goennel has taken it upon herself to add the magic ingredient to literally everything.

Said a source close to Mrs. Goennel, thirteen-year-old son Damon: “She put it in my eggs this morning. She made scrambled eggs for breakfast and just threw some chopped up leaves in with the salt and pepper. It wasn’t very tasty.”

Mr. Goennel, who at one point demonstrated support for the herb, has taken a few steps back with the recent events. Mr. Goennel says he has always enjoyed his wife’s traditional Kraft macaroni and cheese, but ever since she added rosemary to the mix, Mr. Goennel has had some serious reservations.

“It just doesn’t need to be there,” says Mr. Goennel. “Sometimes more is less.”

Residents of the Goennel household are hoping that, once Mrs. Goennel runs out of the leftover rosemary, things will return to normal. Some aren’t so optimistic. “I heard her talking about a new recipe she found on Allrecipes that calls for marjoram. This can only mean trouble,” said daughter Katie.

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