Heartwarming: When Snyders Of Hanover Learned Their Profits Were Slipping, They Manufactured A Fake Viral Video About A Boy With Cancer Who Loves Pretzels. 

By Giselle Atkins 

These days it feels like there’s no good news left in the world. Everywhere you turn, it’s death-toll this or major scandal that. Any piece of uplifting information inbetween these harrowing stories is welcomed with open arms. That’s why, when Snyders Pretzels realized their profits weren’t up to snuff, their fabricated viral video was a welcomed relief from the never-ending feed of bad news. 

The story is simple enough, but the moving three-minute video is more than enough to make your heart melt. When 8-year-old Tommy Smith supposedly wrote a letter to Snyders about how he loves their pretzels more than anything (his favorite are the Sourdough Nibblers), they responded in the most amazing and cost-effective way. 

Tommy wrote in his letter—which was all-too-perfectly written in orange crayon—that when he goes to his dialysis appointments with his mom, he loves to snack on Snyder’s pretzels. The most touching part? When Snyders shot a closeup of their product in the frail hand of the best spokesperson they could think of, the smile that appeared on Tommy’s face was almost too darling to be true. I don’t blame you if you break out in tears. 

And the good news doesn’t stop there. The documentary-style video with suspiciously-high production quality not only introduces us to Tommy, his mom, and Tommy’s favorite nurse who gave him his first bag of pretzels. It also shows Mr. Snyder himself presenting Tommy and his family with a lifetime supply of pretzels and other snacks which were at once selling poorly compared to their other offerings. Does anyone have a tissue? Or ten?

In the months after the video was posted to YouTube by an uploader with no other videos and only one subscription to Snyder’s offical account, the company’s profits have almost doubled for their most-recent quarter. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for some pretzels! 

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