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It’s Nice to See Skid News is Still Shit.

By The Ghost of Lucy Scribner 

Things have changed since my time at Skidmore. Men are allowed in, and the campus itself has even changed locations. But it is nice to know one thing has not changed, and that is the fact that Skid News is still publishing complete and utter garbage. Their recent masterpiece, “Yiannopoulos and the Debate on Campus Speech” is the latest in a long line of incendiary pseudo-think pieces.

While few of today’s students thought it would be hard to top last year’s shit-posting epic, “Why a room full of white people think all this fuss about race is much ado about nothing,” those of who attended Skidmore College in decades past remember the glory days of Skid News being objectively awful. Who can forget their 1985 op-ed “Why We Shouldn’t Condemn Reagan’s Views on Homosexuality” or before that their highly controversial 24 part series in 1963, “The Poor: Should We Admit Them?”

Though nothing may ever be able to top their 1943 magnum opus, “Is Hitler our real enemy?”, it is heartening to see that Skid News has managed to turn out low-quality articles year in and year out. Few newspapers have managed to stay so consistent.

Editors Note: While we do not agree with the views of the Ghost of Lucy Scribner, we would like to thank Skid News for giving us the headline “Provocateurs who write inflammatory crap come out in favor of defending inflammatory crap.”






1 comment on “It’s Nice to See Skid News is Still Shit.

  1. Can you do an article on the rampant rise of alternative fetishism on campus? Usually a subject so taboo would be forbidden from a non-satirical publication. Colleges like Skidmore should embrace the new ways people are loving their bodies. Keeping my eyes out for your next article!

    P.s. first letter of each sentence


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