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California-based Senior Excited to Utilize Lifetime CDC Connections in Saratoga Springs.

By George Lubitz 

With graduation quickly approaching, many Skidmore seniors are scrambling to find work after their scholastic careers come to a close. Student Ashley Higgins, who hails from Cupertino, CA, has found great stock in the Career Development Center and their wide array of connections in the capital region, with internship opportunities in places like Albany, Saratoga, and Gansevoort.

The school offers all of its services to any current or graduated student for their entire lifetime, making the CDC a uniquely useful tool for any student who lives within the state of New York. Said Ms. Higgins: “All of my family lives in California and the Midwest, and I don’t really have the luxury of packing up and moving to wherever I can find a job, but regardless—I’m really happy to have such access to these extremely local and otherwise totally useless opportunities.”

Ms. Higgins added that “while their help with navigating the alumni network and reviewing résumés comes quite in handy, their most helpful resource is hands-down the network of employers based solely in New York.”

Another senior, Matt LeSerno, who’s hometown is Cooperstown, NY, is equally as excited about the CDC’s list of wide-ranging jobs in basically only Albany or NYC, but noted that “Even though I have no interest in working for an insurance company or bank, the CDC is starting to make me think perhaps I oughta!”

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