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Student Looking to Catch Ride Back to Skidmore Graciously Offers to Pay in Form of Friendship, Homemade Snacks.

BOSTON, MA—With Spring Break coming to a rapid close, many students are anxiously searching through their contacts lists and turning to Facebook in hopes of a securing a ride back to school. Included in this group is Junior Katie Eckartd, who reportedly posted on the Skidmore Ride Board Facebook page.

She wrote: “Is anyone with a car leaving back to Skid from the Boston area this Sunday? I’m in desperate need of a ride. I’m a broke college student (lol) but am super willing to pay you back with TONS of friendship and some scrumptious homemade brownies.”

Ms. Eckartd went on to note that she has “hands-down” the best road trip playlist on her Spotify and, in the interest of full disclosure, had a substantial collection of Beyonce tracks. “It is going to be an awesome ride (with brownies and cookies, don’t forget!)”

Boston area-based drivers and friends with Ms. Eckartd on Facebook were quick to consider her offer, but a few had to make sure that both cookies and brownies were part of the payment package. Said one driver, “She started off by saying she had brownies, which is all fine and well. But then she mentions the cookies out of nowhere, too. If she’s got both, then it’s a done deal. But if she was just slipping in the cookies to grease the wheels without actually having baked some? That’s a deal breaker.”

Sources close to Ms. Eckartd took to the Facebook post to vouch for their friend. Added one Saratoga-based friend, Rebecca Tetu, “OMG anyone with a car in Boston just HAS TO drive Katie back to Skid. Her friendship levels are off the charts and her baking skills are seriously on point. I’m not even kidding; I have half a mind to drive all the way to Boston myself just for those brownies! 😜”

So far, no potential chauffeurs have commented on the post or messaged Ms. Eckartd directly, but she remains hopeful. “Maybe I should just offer gas money or try to secure a ride before I leave for break. But then again, my DJing skills are pretty much impossible to pass up.”

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