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In Unprecedented Act of Defiance, Student Ignores IT Dept. Order to Change Password. 

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY—Amid calls from Assisstant IT Director Tom Harfmann to immediately change his Skidmore account password, Senior Marcus Killmeade made a staunch and wholly unprecedented announcement this Monday that he will not be complying with Mr. Harfmann’s request. 

While it has been a long-standing routine that students change their passwords every year for security reasons, Mr. Killmeade’s shocking break of tradition is striking. 

A spokesperson for Mr. Killmeade—his housemate—cited earlier examples of other students not changing their password. He noted that “Mr. Killmeade’s brother, a former student at Skidmore, never once changed his password, let alone asked or forced.” Many were quick to dismiss these remarks, as Mr. Killmeade’s brother graduated from Skidmore in 1990, a full eight years before internet technologies (including the need for a personal password) were available to students. 

Assistant Director Harfmann told Mr. Killmeade via email that “Your password for mkillme will expire on 03/23/2017…If your password has not been updated, your account will be disabled. A password change will reactivate your account after that date,” the letter reads. 

Mr. Killmeade immediately took to Twitter to denouce Mr. Harfmann’s “hostile” demands, adding that he will never change his password because “then I’d halve [sic] to update all my other accounts…which use the same exact pw.” 

Professors and peers alike have called for Mr. Killmeade to update his security settings as a matter of tradition and standard decorum, but Mr. Killmeade seems set in his ways. 

Mr. Killmeade has until Thursday to reset his password, or face serious ramifications, the consequences of which have never been measured. Watch this space. 

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