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How Skidmore News Spent Their Spring Break

By Skidmo’ Daily Editorial Board 

The Skidmo’ Daily recently sat down with a source within the The Skidmore News in hopes of getting a better idea as to how such a prestigious publication keeps up with the fast-paced goings on of Skidmore College. According to our anonymous source, James Moleskine, writers at Skidmore News make ample and productive use of academic breaks. During this past spring break, the editorial board went to work compiling article ideas to publish at a later time. Some of the best ideas are listed below.      

  • Drafted an article about how Oprah’s commencement speech proves that racism doesn’t exist.
  • Got to the bottom of the recent hacking of their fan mail email account, despite no fan mail ever being sent.
  • Met with Skidmore Budget Committee (SBC) on the repeal of mandated Skidmore health insurance program.
  • Leaked their 2005 budget to themselves.
  • Proof-read their soon-to-be-published article, which reiterates that, even though “Hidden Fences” [sic] didn’t win any awards at the Oscars, it still somehow robbed “La La Land.”
  • Set their crosshairs on specific students, who are running for SGA positions, to personally attack.


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