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Students Voice Discontentment Over Nicer Weather, “Makes it Harder to be a Piece of Shit”

By Doug Patrick

The conclusion of the spring semester oftentimes brings happiness and excitement to students as the weather warms and the days become longer. As acoustic guitars fill the green and procrastinators lay under trees, aggressively trying to relax, the whole campus feels livelier. While this lively excitement certainly benefits many students’ moods, there are the others who feel pressured to become more active participants in life.

“Oh, winter is the best—winter’s easy,” reported Thomas Sanders (’18). “I don’t like leaving my place, so the drabness from November to March is perfect. It’s when April and May start rolling around that I think, ‘Oh, great. Now I’ve gotta start going outside again.”

Kelsey Vernon (’17) expressed similar feelings. “In the winter, I’ll wear the same shirt under a different hoodie for days. Nobody even notices. Sometimes I just wear a jacket over everything if I don’t feel like changing at all. But in the summer, you can’t do that. People notice better because you’re more exposed. Less layers equals more work, ya know?” Vernon concluded our interview saying, “Spring just makes it harder to be a piece of shit.”

Many other students have come out in support of Sanders’ and Vernon’s sentiments.

One reported that the better weather forced video games into being exclusively a nighttime activity, since “like, I have windows—I see all the people walking by and hear the birds chirping; don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go outside, but it can be kind of depressing.”

Another stated that, “Now, instead of hanging in our living room to do drugs and order food, my friends want to fucking take walks and eat outside.”

These and other discontented, sunburn-prone students will look to endure the rest of their spring semester, hopefully within the comfort of the indoors.

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