Friend Not Really Convinced About “This Whole Russia Thing”

By Max LoSardo

In an act of utter political resistance, reports show that local 19 year old Thomas Wilson is “not too sure about this whole Russia thing.”  When discussing politics with longtime friend and Democrat Johnny Smith, Wilson expressed his hesitance into believing that Russia had been colluding with the Trump Campaign while attempting to influence the 2016 Presidential Election.  When pressed by Smith that 17 Intelligence Agencies agree that Russia was behind numerous hackings throughout the election season, Smith, the Modern-Day-Noam-Chomsky, responded “Yeah but I’m not too sure.  Like, it could have been ANYONE hacking into things and making it look like it was Russia.  I mean also, is it really that big of a deal if they did.  He’s the President now and I think it’s time to move on.”  Upon this observation of utter brilliance, the two friends came to agreement and are both fully backing the President.

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