Patriotic Shutdown: George Washington Just Came Back From The Dead And Had The PERFECT Response To Donald Trump’s Presidency. 

Okay, so we’ve all seen our fair share of savage responses from world leaders to President Trump’s buffoonery, but this one takes the cake. (The most beautiful chocolate cake, that is.)

I’m sure we all remember this one: 

Or this one:

And who could forget this little gem?

But who best to give their opinion of the current Commander in Tweet than the father of our country himself, George Washington??

You read that right—According to scientists at MIT, they’ve successfully completed and tested their newest technology, which can ressurect dead bodies, including those of late great figures like George Washington. And that’s no lie! 

The group of scientists have apparently brought the former president back to life and he had the most amazing thing to say about one of his successors in particular, President Donald J. Trump, who part and parcel has a different way of leading the country, to put it lightly. 

According to Jonathan Barnes, the head scientist of the experiment, George Washington was brought back to life after scientists injected a cocktail of chemicals into his lifeless corpse and followed up with what sounds like a Dr. Frankenstein-inspired barrage of electricity . 

As soon as his eyes popped open and he took a quick look around the highly-technical lab, he apparently had this to say: 

“I should be dead. Why am I not dead?” 

PERFECT. Absolute savagery. Presidential pwnage! 

What a LEGENDARY response to the mess of an administration currently occupying the White House. 

We couldn’t agree more, Mr. President, we couldn’t agree more. 

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