Does Anybody Know the Skidmo’ Daily Twitter Login Information?

Skidmo Twitter

By Doug Patrick

Alright guys, I’m going to level with you:

This year, we want Skidmo’ Daily to increase its visibility on social media to attract everybody’s favorite demographic: millennials.

Facebook page? Check.

Website? Check.

Twitter account? Well…

This isn’t to say a Skidmo’ Daily Twitter account doesn’t exist, because it does. Created in October of 2014, Skidmo’s Twitter feed has been dry for the last 2 years after only 3 tweets. Though all these tweets still remain absolutely hilarious and completely relevant (especially our last one about Yik Yak in 2015), we don’t want to settle there and let our Twitter fall further and further into the oblivion of obscurity. Like any parent, we’d hate for our baby to die such a pathetic death.

And that’s where you come in! You’d hate to see our beautiful child die, wouldn’t you?

If ANYONE has any information regarding our login information, please let us know. We think our Founder/Editor-in-Chief from years ago, Jack, made it, so if you ever overheard him talking about it or something, shoot us a note. Or if you’re a hacker or whatever, we would love for you to hack us. Seriously, just please help us.

Even if you know or figure out just which email we used to create it, let alone the password, we would be eternally grateful. Hell, maybe you’ll even get a mention in our “About” section on our website. I don’t know. Fuck it. We’re desperate.

So again, and we can’t reiterate this enough, if you happen to know anything about getting into the Skidmo Daily’s twitter account, let us know immediately.

Whoever our savior ends up being, they will truly be an example of the phrase: “Not all heroes wear capes.”




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