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The Skidmo Scoop: Campus Events for the Week of September 11th


SGA Elections Mandatory Meetings
Friday, September 15th, 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Do you feel strongly about issues on campus? Do you feel like you’d be a great leader? Do you want to work with “The Man” to feel like your bringing some sort of significant change?

Well, if you want to feel these ways, then you pretty much have to show up in Ladd 307 for the SGA Elections Mandatory Meeting.

An hour of your time? Worth it, especially to feel like you’re doing something that matters.


auditions sign illustration design

Auditions, Auditions, Auditions!

Is your identity contingent on what you do? Well, get ready for it to be bolstered (or shattered)!

Pretty much every group on campus is holding their auditions this week. That’s right, all 300 comedy groups and 500 A Capella groups. And Pulse.

So, saddle up, get your heartrate pumping, your breathing irregular, and show up for them! Your identity depends on it. How else are you going to spend these four years at Skidmore finding yourself if not by singing A Capella or making jokes, or doing whatever it is that Pulse does?

And everybody knows that if you’re not doing those things with a chartered group on campus, then you’re not actually doing them at all.


Arts Quad Party

Annual Arts Quad Party
Friday, September 15th,  6:00 p.m.

The theater department is hosting some sort of “party” near all the arts buildings. There’s gonna be a food truck or something like that. I guess that’s cool. Even though you could just go to D Hall and then sit outside; it’d essentially be the same thing.

But hey, I guess there’s gonna be some fuckin’ lemonade there too. So, feel free to stop by and hear about all the shows you weren’t cast in.


Palehound and Jerry Paper

SEC & The Tang Presents: Palehound and Jerry Paper
Friday, September 15th, 8:00-10:00 p.m.

Drop whatever you had planned this Friday because Palehound and Jerry Paper are going to be rocking the outside of the Tang Museum at 8 p.m!

Our personal favorite thing about Palehound is the guitarist(?), s/he is doing things that have never been done before. We honestly think there’s never been a band that is more of a perfect voice of our generation than them. Can you believe they’re coming to Skidmore?

Jerry Paper is fucking rad too. Honestly, they should probably be headlining. Their guitarist is also doing really cool things.


Full Schedule

Weekly Meetings
Everyday, all the time.

Get ready to feel like you don’t do anything around campus because everything that you could be doing is about to start. Clubs are hosting their first meetings this week which means your stupid friends are going to start being too busy to get high outside of the Hillside apartments. Instead, they’re going to have “things” that they want to be “a part of.”

Whatever. They were posers anyway. Organizations on college campuses are so fascist, they make me sick.


WSPN Big Meeting

WSPN’s Big Meeting
Sunday,  September 17th, 8:00-9:00 p.m.

Do you wear Beats by Dre and make playlists on Spotify? Do you think your taste in music is “kind of weird and different?” Do you think the radio would definitely be more popular if you were on the airwaves? Then I’m sure you’ll end up in Gannet for WSPN’s “Big Meeting.”

We here at Skidmo’ cannot wait for the new crop of radio shows this year. In fact, we’re probably the radio station’s biggest fans. You better believe we’ve always got our FMs tuned into 91.1!

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