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To the Girl Who Lives in My Old Dorm

By Lizette Roman-Johnston

To the girl living in my old dorm,


As you add the finishing touches on your decorations, I want you to remember that—in a blink of an eye—they will all be replaced with new ones, for time will fly by your freshman year.

That desk next to your bed? I sat there every night writing letters to my family. I hope you write to yours often; I bet they miss you.

Hanging on your bedpost used to be a dreamcatcher I made at summer camp. Make sure to fill the room with a bunch of crafts—after all, creative thought matters.

Feel the windows; I bet they’re still sticky. Oh, how I miss staring out them, watching intently as my peers strolled down Case walkway, completely unsuspecting.

Is there still a nail on the wall? I used it to hang a photo of me and my best friend from home. Keep in touch with your friends too, because you never know who won’t make it.

Where you’ve just hung your mandala tapestry, there once was a chalkboard, on which I drew out intricate plans every night. The sound of the chalk smacking against the board, along with my intense laughter, kept my poor roommates awake at night. Sometimes I wish I was more respectful.

On that note, I must apologize for the crusty, red stain beneath the bed. The thought of its origin story still makes me smile to this day, so make sure to make a lot of happy memories this year.

Make alliances, too. For example, it might be useful to befriend the housekeeper; her name is Marie, and she can keep a secret.

Most importantly, cherish every living moment. Before you know it, you’ll hopefully make it to sophomore year, looking back on all the fun you had in your first dorm. Gosh, how I miss it so much. Perhaps I’ll pop by for a visit one of these nights.

I look forward to seeing what you’ve done with the place.



The girl who once had your dorm

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