New Student Leader Becoming Increasingly Overwhelmed While Updating Résumé

By Doug Patrick

When adding her new position as president of BBQ-More to her résumé, Katie Holcomb (’18) suffered a near panic attack. “At first, I was really excited,” Katie said. “So excited that I wanted to update my résumé right away to let future employers know about my passion for cooking-out.” But as Katie created the bullet points under her new title, her heart quickly began racing and sweat dripped from her forehead.

“Adhere to New York State’s health code regarding the cooking of raw meats on a college campus,” Katie read a point. “I’m still shaky on what adhere even means, so how am I supposed to do that?”

Among her other bullets were: “Cooperate with fellow chefs to maintain an ever-changing menu of grilled and barbecue foodstuffs,” “Facilitate the creation of a safe and accepting cook-out culture,” and “Manage the organization’s social media presence through regularly updated barbecue posts.”

Katie began questioning her ability to lead Skidmore’s newest barbecue club. “It all just seems like so much.” She added, “Really, I just thought I’d be barbecuing and talking about barbecuing with some friends once a week. Maybe make the occasional Facebook post or something.”

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