Skidmore Football Team Sits Out National Anthem, Entire Game

By Jack Rosen

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In apparent solidarity with players in the NFL and people of color across the nation, Skidmore College’s football team made a brave demonstration last night. Last night, while the National Anthem played at Trust Fund Field on Skidmore’s campus, the team boldly sat out the anthem. Longtime fans were shocked by the move, but many afterwards said they were supportive.

Those supporters, however, were shocked by the team’s next move. Not only did they sit out the anthem, but they sat out the entire football game. Wow! While this move divided fans, a large number said they respected the fact that the otherwise undefeated team would be willing to forfeit a match.

Although none of the team’s players or coaches could be reached for comment, Skidmore College President Philip Glotzbach had this to say: “We have a football team?”

While this paper does not ordinarily speculate on the affinities of the college president, we think it’s fair to say he is firmly kneeling beside the good ole fighting Thoroughbreds!

One comment

  1. Way to show your lack of content by making fun a silent protest by U.S. citizens and also wasting the time of everyone that chose to read this dumb article. Let’s do better next time. Have a nice day.


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