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A Preview of Skidmore’s Fall Semester Theater Productions

By Lizette Roman-Johnston

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the theater department this fall ever since they released the names of this semester’s productions. Most people know that there are two important venues in which the plays are performed: the black box and the main stage.

Let the Right One In

The play taking place in the Black Box theater, which—of course—is a theater wherein the stage is a giant black box, is Let the Right One In by Jack Thorne. Thorne tells the tale of one man throwing a party. Two people show up on his doorstep, one standing on the left and one on the right. The protagonist, as one could guess, struggles to decide which person to let in. At the climax of the play, the main character’s wife says, “Let the right one in,” sending the man spiraling in a whirl of anxiety. Will he let in the guest on the right, or will he pick the one on the left? I guess you’ll have to see the play to find out. Let the Right One In will be in the black box from October 19th to the 25th.

Big Love

On the main stage, students will perform Big Love, a play written by Charles L. Mee. On November 23rd through December 3rd, you can witness the romantic story unfold. Carolyn Anderson directs a play in which two very big people feel hopelessly alone in a world full of regular-sized people. Eventually, after heartwrenching musical numbers like “Big People, Little World” and “I Will Never Be A Jockey,” the two characters meet, and—not to spoil the play—they fall in love at first sight. Costume designer Patty Pawliczak looks forward to transforming the stars of the play into colossal giants. “This is my biggest challenge yet,” she states. “I will be borrowing stilts from the Circus Club. We can’t thank them enough.”

Nothing warms the heart of the Skidmore community more than students across campus joining together for the arts. And here at the Skidmo’ Daily, we highly encourage creative participation.

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