The G Spot Opens: Glotzbach’s New Bar & Grill to Replace Falstaff’s

Philly G Spot.jpg

By Max LoSardo

Finally ending years of debate, Falstaff’s will be repurposed as a bar for students 21 and up.  However, many are disappointed with the branding of the new establishment, as President Glotzbach has rebranded the new pub as The Philly G Spot.

While students are excited to be able to drink on campus in a safe environment, many are hesitant due to the seemingly sexual nature of the bar.  “I mean, that’d be awesome to have a spot to drink on campus.  I’m just a little concerned President Glotzbach doesn’t really get what the implications of the new name,” an anonymous senior stated.  

The Philly G Spot also includes a “Gentlemen’s Club,” where male Skidmore students can relax and enjoy “The Action,” a President Glotzbach coined term.

When reaching out for comment, there was nearly unanimous discomfort with the rebranding, with students describing the change as “Horrifying,” “Unbelievable,” and “Unsettling.”  

However, President Glotzbach adamantly defended the bar, expressing confusion regarding the sexual undertones of the establishment.  “What do you mean ‘offputting?’ Falstaff’s is so hard to find, so when students find it, they deserve to be rewarded!”  

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