Student Has a Mental Breakdown and Deletes All Social Media for the Third Time This Month

By Carolyn Smith

Amidst another bout of anxiety and low self-esteem, Kelly Elton (’20) blamed all of her problems on her social media presence yet again.  “I just don’t need to see the highlight reels of other people’s lives,” she told Skidmo’ after deleting Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat from her phone.

Following this decision to go off the grid and ignore her psychological issues, Kelly felt a quick dopamine rush.  After a few days of playing Flappy Dunk instead of scrolling through social feeds, however, Kelly realized that abstaining from the internet is no cure for deeply ingrained insecurities and soon reinstalled her favorite social apps.  She now spends the majority of her free time on all her favorite social media sites… until her next episode.

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