Robin Wright to Replace Kevin Spacey on “House of Cards”

By Eddy Godino

Due to the recent allegations against Kevin Spacey, Netflix has fired him from their original series “House of Cards” and said they will not work with him in any capacity in the future. Many have been wondering if this means an end to the hit TV show, but fans’ concerns were put to rest earlier today.

Showrunners Frank Pugliese and Melissa James released a statement saying Robin Wright, who plays Spacey’s wife on the show, will take over the lead role, in addition to her own.

“To minimize scheduling conflicts, we wanted to keep any casting changes in-house,” James said. “That, and Robin said we had to give her the part or she’d walk, and then we’d really be fucked.”

“I always take it upon myself to learn everyone’s lines in a production,” Wright said in an interview with The Daily Beast. “So, in my own mind, I’ve been playing every part since the show first came out.” She denied that her decision has anything to do with increasing her chances of winning an Emmy. “Being nominated every year and never winning doesn’t bother me,” she said “but if I were to finally get some goddamn recognition, would it be the worst thing in the world?”

Many doubt that Wright has what it takes to play both Frank and Claire Underwood, but the cast and crew say otherwise.

“You can barely tell she’s the same person,” Pugliese said. “Even when she’s onscreen with herself, you’d swear its two different actors.”

“Honestly, her chemistry with herself is better than it ever was with Kevin.” said co-star Michael Kelly.

Only time will tell if Robin Wright can save “House of Cards” from tumbling down.

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