Freshman on Tinder Seems Really Excited to Have Room to Himself this Weekend

Its a Match

By Carolyn Smith

A few weeks into her first year at Skidmore, Stacey Hammel, decided to step into the dating scene. To put herself out there, she used none other than the greatest technological innovation of all time – Tinder.

After swiping through some Skidmore students and Saratoga locals, Stacey came across a fellow Freshman named Mark. The two really seemed to hit it off! She tried telling him about her art classes, but Mark kept bringing up how great it is that his roommate will be going home for the weekend.

Stacey’s eyes lit up when the bachelor proposed “we should chill sometime.” She suggested they get lunch at the dining hall together, but, unfortunately, Mark had way too much homework to sacrifice 45 minutes of his time. “What are you doing Saturday night?” he offered, “I have the room to myself so I’ll probably watch a movie if you wanna come by.” Stacey found it kind of odd that their first date would be at 1AM on a weekend night in a dorm room, but she was in no place to turn down romance.

Stacey reportedly styled her hair and outfit as Mark picked up some dirty clothes off his floor, as both students prepared for a night to remember.

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