“This is What College is All About,” Says Student Staying in to Write a Paper on Friday Night

By Doug Patrick

As the semester closes and the weekend quickly approaches, many students are gearing up to get the party started and go hard. One such student is English major Garrett Johnson (’19). “Oh, this Friday is going to be nuts,” Johnson told Skidmo’ while exiting the library. Carrying a stack of books back to his apartment, the junior appeared primed for a weekend of craziness.

Back at his place, Johnson sat at his desk where a plethora of 19th century novels and filled notebooks were sprawled out. Smiling, he said, “Tonight, I’m looking to pregame with a nice outline around 7:00, 7:30, and then once that’s done, the real party begins.” Johnson is enrolled in a Jane Austen class and cannot wait to argue his thesis on the prolific author’s work using literary theory. “Who knows, I might go all night tonight.”

During our short talk, a group of students walked past his window, carrying an assortment of cheap beer and bottles of liquor. As they laughed and joked, Johnson shrugged: “I’m sure they’re going to have a fun time.”

“But this,” he said, turning back and gesturing towards his workspace, “this is what college is all about.”

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