“Let’s Do This Again Sometime,” Says Boy Who Will Never Look Her in the Eye Again

By Emma Sturdevant

When Junior student, Brian said, “Let’s do this again sometime,” Gabriela was elated. To her, he was well-read, kind, attractive, and not on a sports team. They had hung out last Thursday night and decided to meet up over the weekend. After meeting up downtown, they went home together and Gabriela even spent the night. They spent the next day in bed cuddling, which for Gabriela, was both surprising and wonderful. He was not like the others, or so she thought…

The next day on campus she saw him walking in case center. She smiled and waved only to be met with a blank stare; he wouldn’t even make eye contact. Gabriela was shocked and confused, didn’t he want to see her again? Why was he pretending to not even know her?

“Oh well, just another day in the life,” she reported to her housemate. Gabriela sighed and went on with the rest of her week. As it turns out, the same thing had happened to her with a different guy the week before.

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