If Comfest Doesn’t Make Me Laugh I’ll Have Nothing Left to Live For

By Nick Papazian

I’m fucking done. I’ve had enough of this pressure cooker of a school. I have no social life, I’m abusing study aids, and I’m quickly becoming an alcoholic. Even when I get sleep, I can no longer dream. Everybody seems fine around me, and that only makes it worse. But that’s okay. There’s still one hope left for me in this dismal, hellish existence. One more thing that I can look forward to. Comfest.

College comedy groups are funny–almost as funny as they think they are–and they keep me going. They fill the void inside of me with good-enough jokes about campus and trendy current events. I need them to survive.

If Comfest doesn’t make me laugh, I’ll have nothing left to live for.

The first day of Comfest was good, but I’m holding out for something even funnier. I need some high-grade college humor to save me from the destructive spiral I’ve put myself into. This is my last chance, possibly the last thing I will ever look forward to.

Only college comedy groups can save me from myself now.

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