Professor Desperately Avoids Meeting with Students After Class

By Eddie Godino

Students in Professor Dodge’s Intro to Teaching course were left confused after she bolted out of the room immediately following the class.

“She kept looking at the clock during class,” one student said, “and as soon as it hit 12:30, she was gone.”

Students said Professor Dodge was in the middle of explaining their next assignment when she suddenly grabbed her books and ran out the door. Past students of Dodge confirmed her behavior has always been erratic.

“She always asks the students to save questions for the end,” a former student said, “and then as soon as class is over, she runs away.”

“One time I caught her just before she slipped into his office,” said another student, “but she just said to check the syllabus and then slammed the door. When I checked, the syllabus only had her name, the room number, and 9 blank pages.”

Concerned students are working on setting traps in the halls to catch the elusive professor.


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