Three “Noise-Cancelling” Headphones You Can Wear To Blast Your Shit Music Next to Me

By Doug Patrick

There’s nothing I love more than when I’m working on something and some “audiophile” sits next to me, and shares their shit music with me by way of blasting it into their ear drums. Seriously, it’s the best. 

My favorite part about the whole thing? The surprise. I usually see one of these listeners of shit from yards away. I ignore them at first, thinking their big-ass over the ear headphones will keep all that noise from spilling out for me. But, nope. I’m wrong. Of course I can hear it because they’re blasting it like they’re trying to make themselves go deaf, all for the sake of letting me hear the shit they think is cool. 

Here are three “Noise-Cancelling” headphones for you to use and make my day by playing shit music through them while next to me: 



  1. Beats by Dre

Classic. Beats by Dre not only look stylish but they also blast all your shit music as if with total inconsideration. So, throw these fuckers on and come sit next to me. Let me hear it. 



  1. BoseQuietComfort 

They might as well call these headphones HalfTrue. They may be comfortable, but they are the opposite of quiet, especially when you’ve got them wrapped around your neck at full volume. Which is perfect for me, because then it’s even louder. 



  1. Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones

Super creative name, Logitech. Also, these cans can really blast your trash music, sounding like a party inside your head, and like a tinny, whining sound from the outside. I love this type of sound quality. 

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