Skidmo’ Daily Travel Diaries

A Bex Hornstein and Connor Batsimm production


Hop in the car, bitches. We’re going to CABO!!!

Bring your Banana Boat SPF 60, your Raybanz, and your sunbrella. Tyrell and that cute guy from Intro to Racquetball are coming too! Hide some ecstasy in your prescribed bottle of anxiety meds, because Cabo is going to be lit!! Get that guy who works at Skidshop to come along too. He looks like he knows how to party! CABO!!!


Hey Connor, remember that one time last year when we went to Glococo’s bar in CABO Wabo’s Casino and snorted cocaine off of Tyrells nips, as the sunset was setting in CABOOOOOO?! Well this year’s going to be even better.


OMG, Bex, I caaaan’t wait! Get ready to be Snoop Dogg’s wet dream as you bring your tone-tanned, fit, and ready ass to CABO!!


UntitledWE IN CABO!!!! img3000456


I can’t believe I drank tequila out of a sandcastle mold at the Museum of Natural History in CABO! The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is such a dream spot. You HAVE to see it and it’s even better when you’re wearing your special stringkini from Lilly Pulitzer. That way there’s not one view, but two (get it!?! The view is you because your stringkini makes you look like a freaking kiki surprise!) I can’t wait to drink sex on the beach and also, well you know, CABOOOO!!!


What about the time we found Tyrell passed out naked, with a five iron shoved up his ass, in the water hazard at the El Dorado golf course in CABO?!? LMFAO that was crazy!! Tyrell is so HOT,,, like the sun in CABO!!!! 😉 We got into some drama with the local law enforcement later in the week, because Tyrell was strung out on nutmeg and trying to “save an innocent child from drowning” on our CABOrey snorkeling tour that we went on with the gang (love u guys SO much <3).


Wait, Connor, whatever happened to Tyrell after the CABOrey snorkling tour?


Idk Bex, I thought he was with you??!?


Holy shit Connor, where did Tyrell go?!? Has he been gone all this time? Why haven’t we heard anything from his family?!?! Does he even have a family?? Is Tyrell an orphan???


He’s probably fine, Bex. Probably just camped out behind the merch table at CABO music fest, or living in a tree in the CABO rainforest or something. He’s probably fine, right? No reason to worry.


Uh Connor, I just Googled Tyrell’s name, and he’s been on the missing person’s list for the last 11 months. WHATTT????


Ok, quick change of plans, we’re looking for Tyrell. IF you’ve seen him please call us at our new number (617) – 888 – CABO. KK love u guyssss ❤


(If we don’t find him, it’s whatevsies, we’ll probably still go to CABO (cause it’s LIT!!!!) but yeah, let us know if you hear anything!!)


-Bex and Connor, #cabo4lyfe<3

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