Abroad: Ireland Travel Blog, Part 2

By Gill Hurtig

Hi guys! I’m coming to you all in much higher spirits! Oh boy, these past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. First of all, my program directors moved me to a higher-security room just a couple of days after I wrote my first blog post. They overheard me singing Migos and said that if an Irish person heard me singing I would surely get my head knocked off. They’re so dedicated to my safety!

A few days later, two of my friends—Josh and Caroline—came to visit me here in Dublin, despite my severe warnings to them that I wouldn’t actually be able to see them, due to my newly-intensified living situation. But, they came anyway! They’re such good friends! We were given three minutes to speak to each other through a six-inch thick concrete wall. That is easily my highlight of study abroad so far. I told them that it was really dark in my room, but I enjoyed it because I get to pretend I’m a bat, or sometimes a vampire. I think I heard Josh say something about a really good smoothie he ordered while in Copenhagen, but it was tough to really tell. I didn’t hear anything Caroline said. She has a pretty soft voice which wasn’t audible through the wall.

They left about three days before St. Patrick’s day, which was too bad. They told me they had an awesome time doing everything though, and that they wished I could have spent time outside, exploring the city with them like any normal study abroad student. That was nice of them to say. But then came St. Paddy’s day, which was the craziest day of the year! Of course I was still locked in my room most of the time, but the whole day I could hear voices of people talking and drinking. That was super cool. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard laughter. At one point, someone dropped their drink right by the small window in my room, and I felt a single drop of beer land on my face. I licked it, so I can officially say I drank in Ireland on St. Paddy’s! Here’s a picture of my room on St. Patrick’s Day:


After the festivities were over, I resumed classes. It was nice to get back into the swing of things. Lately I’ve been learning all about Irish culture. Yesterday we were locked in a room with 290 pound Irish rugby players who showed us how to tackle properly. There’s nothing I like more than some hands-on cultural experiences, although I can feel a cracked rib rubbing against my lung which has caused some discomfort. Overall, these past couple weeks have been priceless. I’m so glad I decided to spend spring semester here so that I could enjoy St. Patrick’s day in Ireland (and get drunk!) And it was a special treat for my friends to come. I can’t wait to see them again so I can ask them what Dublin is actually like!

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