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Everyone Stops to Listen to High Guy Tell a Story about How High He Got the Last Time He Got High

By Doug Patrick

Anxiously awaiting every next word, a crowd gathered around the Case Center couches to listen to Adam Nickels (’20) describe how high he was the last time he got high. Originally, the group was a modest bunch, two of Nickels’s close friends, but as the sophomore began describing how he had smoked “two whole bowls to himself,” students using the computers began listening in.

“Nobody even asked him about how high he was the last time he smoked pot, but you know great storytellers, man,” said Paul Lipsky, part of Nickels’s original group. “Sometimes they’ve just gotta weave words.”

Nickels went on to describe that, after he smoked weed one way, he went on to smoke it a different way: “I’m already, like, stoned at this point. And my buddy Derek is like, ‘we should smoke a J,’ and I was like, ‘hahah, yeah.’”

A student in line at Burgess reportedly shouted, “No fucking way.”

And when Nickels confirmed that he did indeed smoke that J AND went on to eat an edible, the entire Burgess line gasped. Students ran over to surround Nickels as he continued his tale. Multiple Burgess employees also left their stations to hear this super chill story.

Nickels was reported saying, “It was nuts. I was so blazed. Like so high that I was, like, floating. Seriously. I smoked so much weed and then I was so high.”

Several students pulled out their phones and others even left the area to call their friends to come on over to Case as fast as they could because Nickels was telling the coolest story they’d literally ever heard. Everybody wanted to listen.

Eventually, more than half of Skidmore’s student body filled Case, some even overflowing out into the walkway. One student shouted up from Spa, “And then what happened my dude?”

Nickels said, “I was just so high. Like, I don’t think I’d ever gotten higher than I was then, and me and my friends listened to just like really cool music and it was like listening to the best version of the songs ever.”

Everyone went “woah” and “that’s so rad” and “that’s the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.”

Although Campo was soon called to disperse the crowd, one officer who was approached for comment said, “That Adam Nickels sure sounds like a pretty chill dude.”

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