Cartoon of XXXtentacion and Stan Lee Meeting in Heaven Probably in Poor Taste

by Tom Pahl

In a stunning display of poor taste, local political cartoonist Abe Shuttleworth decided to portray rapper and abusive partner XXXtentacion with beloved comic book writer Stan Lee, creator of many successful Marvel characters, in heaven.

Stan Lee, whose creative contributions have provided millions of people with joy and happiness, was seen in said cartoon enjoying a friendly drink with XXXtentacion, who once brutally beat his cellmate because he believed him to be gay.

Abe was quoted as saying, “I like to believe that this is Stan Lee’s last cameo. I figured I might as well show him with that rapper my grandson was so broken up about, you know?” Abe, in a display of profound naivete, said that while he didn’t know much about “the other fellow,” said that he liked to believe that God would open up Heaven to anyone, as long as they treated everyone with respect, as Stan Lee did.

Abe mentioned how grateful he was for his political cartoonist job, as when he wasn’t mocking the political establishment, he could commemorate the lives of stars he loved, like Burt Reynolds or that local cat that murdered 65% of the local bird population. At press time, Abe was unable to be reached, as he was working on a new, more tasteful piece involving Former President George H.W. Bush and Mac Miller.

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