Nation’s “The Apprentice” Fans Thrilled at Prospect of Trump Impeachment


By Max LoSardo

WASHINGTON DC — Causing shockwaves throughout the political stratosphere, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, resulting in great excitement in the Nation’s The Apprentice fans.  “Yeah I just really miss the show,” said Connor McDowell, a 55 year old plumber who would watch the hit NBC reality show weekly during its fifteen season run. “I never had much of an opinion on Trump himself.  He seemed kinda mean sometimes but he made for some great television. I liked when Dennis Rodman was a guest.”   

President Trump left The Apprentice in 2016 and was replaced by actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for one season before the show was cancelled.  “I didn’t really like when The Terminator guy was on it,” said Linda Blink, a 59 year old housewife. “I didn’t mind seeing Donald become the President because it seemed like he really wanted it, but I would love for him to finally have some free time and be able to return to the show.  I really don’t see enough of him on TV.”

When reached for comment, NBC redirected the Skidmo’ Daily to Fox News, who are reportedly in talks for a sixteenth season of the show, notwithstanding the result of the impeachment inquiry.

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