Student Pays Tribute to Yoko Ono by Screaming and Throwing Dirt in Beatlemore Audition

Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971

By Holly O’Byrne

ZANKEL MUSIC HALL — Shocking Skidmore’s annual Beatlemore judges, Kirsty Flagellan ’23 paid tribute to performance artist and former wife of John Lennon by screaming at a pitchy C sharp for about two minutes.

“Yeah, honestly the screaming was a lot,” said Anna Corona ’21, head of Beatlemore recruitment. “But when she wheeled in a pile of dirt and spread it across the floor, that was when we I knew something was up.” 

In a statement to the Skidmo’ Daily,  Flagellan claimed a “deep, spiritual connection to Yoko Ono.”  She elaborated, saying “I’ve dedicated my life to following Ono’s footsteps. I even got a boyfriend just to isolate him from the rest of his friends in hopes of splitting up their band.”

Flagellan has been scheduled as the closing act of night one.

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