Skidmore Expels All Non Pre-Med Students As Precautionary Measure Against Coronavirus

By Max LoSardo

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK – Taking precautionary measures against the outbreak of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, Skidmore College announced the decision to expel all non Pre-Med students from the College, effective immediately.   

In an email sent Monday night to Skidmore students and staff, President Glotzbach wrote that while the College “does not want to be overactive” they feel that “limiting the College’s student body to Pre-Med students will drastically lower the risk of the virus spreading” while simultaneously “promoting a fostering environment for research against the virus,” as students remaining on campus will aid in the development of a vaccine, reportedly still over one year away.

“Um, I guess I’m flattered.” said Micha Owens, a junior from Columbus, Ohio and one of Skidmore’s seventeen Pre-Med students.  “Obviously I wanna keep going to school and hanging out, but it feels kinda weird now that it’s just going to me and everyone in my major.  I guess we’ll just go to class and do our homework.”   

Before publishing this article, SGA provided a correction to the Skidmo’ Daily: that the expulsion also applies to Pre-Med students who are from states and countries where there have been documented cases of Coronavirus, and that Mr. Owens ‘21 is the only student who fits all of the College’s requirements.

“It’s just going to be me?  Oh man. That sounds really lonely.” said Mr. Owens, when informed of the new precautions.  SGA additionally informed us that Mr. Owens will be placed on quarantine, being that he has “most likely come into contact with students who have most likely come into contact with the virus” and will be taking all of his classes electronically. 

In a statement to the Skimo’ Daily, President Glotzbach elaborated on the College’s plans, hoping that the mass expulsion will be “temporary,” and that he hopes to have the College fully back up and running along with the opening of the new Athletic Facility.

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