Big Finish! Skidmore Seniors Able to End College How it Began: Sitting Alone In Their Rooms On The Computer

By Max LoSardo

YOUR ROOM – Attempting to control the spread of COVID 19, Skidmore College will be shifting to online learning beginning on March 23 and will be forcing all students to move out by the 21st.   While this serves not only as a public health measure, it also serves as a tribute to the College’s seniors, allowing them to end college in an identical way to how it began, with them sitting alone in their rooms on the computer.

“Talk about a glass-half full mentality,” said Will Steyer ’20, an English major from San Jose, California who will be flying back to Skidmore on Friday morning and leaving Friday night in order to collect his belongings.  “Yeah I guess I spent more alone time on the computer in my room as a Freshman.   But at least I had a roommate.  We played video games sometimes.  At home, all my siblings have moved out and I don’t really keep in touch with any of my high school friends.  My dog’s still alive though.  He’s nice.”

At press time, Steyer said he was looking forward to spending more time with his parents, who just returned home from a vacation in Florence, Italy.

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