Letter From The Editors 3/17/20


Well, this sucks.  And it’s not going to get better anytime soon. Especially if you keep fucking going into crowds, you imbeciles. Stay home (which you’ve been doing most of your life) and wash your hands (which you’ve just started doing in the last week [looking at you, men]).  But while Skidmore is shutting down for the semester, Skidmo’ SZN is just upon us. 

We have all the time in the world now to give you all our stupid content. And no more censoring. We’re going to say everything (well, not everything).  But most things. If you’ve written for us before, or if you’ve never even picked up an edition, please write and send stuff in! We know you have the time. We’ll be publishing articles as they come in, and feel free to send us any ideas or questions you may have at skidmodaily@gmail.com. Or just drop us a nice note. We’re lonelier than ever. 

We’ll get through this goddamnit.  


Stay safe and all our love,

Max LoSardo ‘20 & Hannah Kotler ‘20



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