Cancel Culture? My Professor Failed Me Just Because I Didn’t Come To Class or Turn in Any Assignments

by Isaac DeMarchi

So it’s come to this. You never think the Woke Mob is going to go after you, and then you wake up to find you’ve been cancelled just because you won’t toe the line and conform to their communist world order. 

This morning, I was horrified to find out that Professor Lewis Johnson in the Political Science department was just another shill to the Democratic Elite (which runs our nation and is currently trying to make transgenderism mandatory in public schools.) 

Professor Johnson informed me that “because [you] haven’t showed up to our Zoom meetings” that he “had no choice” but to fail me, probably because the leftists who control the media and our college pressured him into the decision. It is disappointing but not surprising that this white male professor, who everyone knows is the favorite target of the out-of-control leftist extremists at this school, would succumb to persecuting students just because they don’t conform to woke society’s idea of “”completed classwork.””

This is all happening just because I used my First Amendment Rights (which are outlined in our constitution, READ IT LIBERALS!!) to skip class, which I am allowed to do here in the greatest nation on earth, unlike in communist Cuba. It is sad to see a once respectable professor turn on students for exercising their rights, and I think our government needs to intervene in the matter pronto.

 In the meantime, tune in to Fox News to watch me stand up for the long-silenced conservative opinion. As I am constantly reminding people on social media and in all of my classes, our voices are being silenced because we refuse to give up our freedoms to the Antifa-controlled college grading system.

3 comments on “Cancel Culture? My Professor Failed Me Just Because I Didn’t Come To Class or Turn in Any Assignments

  1. Sarah Palin

    I feel so badly for you and your parents who likely paid your tuition…or the government who more likely paid you tuition.

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  2. Samual Colt

    You hit the nail on the head. Skidmore is being over fun by the conservative opinion. I don’t know how you manage to make it though the day. It must be so hard for you to go though your day with everyone agreeing with you.

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  3. Your satirical article would be funny if it weren’t the truth.

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