The Next Van Gough? Art Major Depressed

By Will Kertzman and Isaac DeMarchi

Where do we find talent? Is it within us? Is it from God? Or do we simply “discover it” in moments of genius?

While the writers at Skidmo Daily have no talent, it is nice to recognize the talent which lies within our peers. Take Lisa Chin, class of 2022, a young enterprising painting student who’s got it “going on” in the art world. Not only are her paintings miraculous works of shading and composition, Chin is following in the footsteps of legendary nutcase Vincent Van Gogh, by being depressed to the point of psychological collapse. 

We chased Chin down all the way across Case Walkway to interview her on not only her painterly prowess, but also her neurological struggles with depression, body image, and the desire to cut body parts off for attention. Chin screamed back at us, “I bet you all feel really good about yourselves, you pathetic hacks. Leave me alone and stop asking me about having ‘first dibs’ on any body parts I cut off!” Spoken like the true Van Gogh incarnate. 

It is heartwarming to bear witness to the next generation of unstable, unsuccessful, and furthermore,  self-hating artists. We wish Chin well in all of her endeavors, and hope for her own legacy she succeeds in chopping off a body part or two. Preferably an extremity, but we’ll take what we can get. 

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