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SkidLibs! A Message of Support From Marc Connor

By Isaac DeMarchi

Dearest Student __________ (noun)

I am writing to you today to send a message of __________ (noun) to you all because of the latest update to Alert level __________ (number). Though times are difficult and this semester is __________ (adjective), I know that we can make it together, as long as we only __________ (verb). I am reminded as we navigate such __________ (adjective) days, that we are experiencing something unprecedented, something completely __________ (adjective). I am with you all 100%, and there is never a moment where __________ (noun) is not in my thoughts. I hope that you will use this time to __________ (verb) your friends and loved ones, and also take time for yourself to __________ (verb). It is extra important that we practice __________ (verb) during this time. At this point, we cannot say for certain when __________ (noun) will be able to happen __________ (adverb). Below, you will find the latest guidance on how to __________ (verb) at heightened alert. 

  • Students must always wear a __________ (noun) when engaging in the following activities: 
    • Walking around campus, going to class, __________ (verb ending in ing) on Case Green.
  • The dining hall will only operate at __________ (number) percent capacity. This is not only for your safety, but the safety of __________ (noun).
  • Classes will now only be held in __________ (place). Though this may be challenging, our __________ (adjective) professors can surely rise to the __________ (noun).
  • Students who live off campus are no longer allowed to __________ (verb). Sorry.
  • Everybody must now get tested __________ (number) of times per week for __________ (noun) in order to further limit the spread of __________ (verb ending in ing) on campus. 

Please understand these __________ (plural noun) are in place only for your protection. We must do this __________ (adverb). 

Sending __________ (noun),

President Marc C. Connor

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